ACCT 540 Week 5 Course Project Case 1 - Research Memorandum

You have been hired as a consultant for Thomas Foods. Thomas Foods was incorporated in 1969. Thomas Foods sells produce purchased from farmers to neighborhood grocery stores throughout the country. Thomas Foods has asked you to implement a hedging strategy to mitigate the risks associated with any unexpected increase in price they would have to pay farmers for their harvested crops. Thomas Foods asks that you provide examples of how various hedging strategies could be implemented. The Controller of the company has no experience in this area and would need to understand the accounting treatment for whichever hedging strategy you select. Of significant importance to management is how any hedging strategy would impact operating income.

The objective of this accounting research project is to help you transfer the concepts and research techniques that you learn from the course to a case study example.


The Research Memorandum must conform to APA format and be at least 3-5 pages in length, not including references.
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