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Contents:0 General1 Engine2 Transmission 3 Driveline 4 Lubrication 5 Hydraulic 6 Electrical system 7 Front frame 8 Rear frame 9 Option 10 Error codes list PDF download Shop manual for the Doosan DA30

The Shop Manual is prepared as an aid to performing quality repairs by giving the service personnel an understanding
of the dump truck, and showing the correct way perform repairs and make judgements.
Make sure that you understand the manual and use it at every available opportunity. The manual will also serve
as a useful guide to office personnel and other persons who are involved with the dump truck in one way or
How to use the SHOP MANUAL:
The main index give an view of the chapters index page no.
The manual is divided into the following chapters:
In the chapters index you will find the page no. for the description of each part.
Each part will describe:
Structure and function:
This section explains how the components are built and how they work.
Testing and adjusting:
This section explains checks to be made before and after performing repairs, as well as adjustments to be
done at the completion of the checks and repairs.
Disassemly and assembly:
This section describes how to remove, install, disassemble, repair and assemble components, and the work
order. Special tools are listed at the end of each chapter. The special tools are an excellent aid in the work shop.
By using special tools, the job will be easier to perform and in some cases a special tool is required to carry out
the work. List of all special tools for the complete truck are listed in the “Special Tool Guide”.
Maintenance standard:
This section gives the judgement standards when inspecting disassembled parts.
When a fault is detected, this section is used as before the practical fault finding starts. A skilled and trained
mechanic together with the Shop Manual is the best combination for troubleshooting when repair instruction is
At the end of each chapters are the main Troubleshooting
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