CoolPvPKohi [Cubecore Plugin Complete !]

This is like pvp system, with features, classes, events, gui, ranks, scores, effects, scuad, anvil, chest, brewing stand events.

  • Scuad system (like party system). (new)

  • 9 slots to save, load and deleted full inventorys, and gui icons updating on real time on clicking anvil. (new)

  • Auto level rank for kill and deaths on prefix of players. Positive and negative level

  • 5 Classes with especial equip, enchants and effects.

  • Auto detect player equip class and give the correct effects. (prevent acumulative class and effects)

  • Use ender pearl cooldown (time configurable). (new)

  • Strike events and custom message when player has kill or death.

  • Auto detect anvils, chests and brewing stand for open the guis.

  • GUI systems for all class, anvil, chest and brewing stand whit same special sounds of server.

  • Tool system for configure the flags for pvp zone and lobby zone.

  • Prevent tnt explotion, build, weather, creatures spawning automaticall on certain maps.

  • Update system check.

  • All message can be edit.

  • You decide whichs worlds work uniquely the skript. (The arena and lobby must be in the same world).

  • Now can set 5 maps has time when the skript working fully. (new)

Spoiler: Requiered- Skript (v 2.1.2):
- SkQuery (v 3.21.4):
- RandomSK (v 2.7.1b):
- WorldGuard (lasted):

#1 - Download the requiered plugins.
#2 - Put the on: \plugins\Skript\scripts.
#3 - Enjoy 


Spoiler: commands/cpk help - Show somes commands -
/scuad help - Show all scuad commands - dont need permissions

/cpc tool pvp - Can set the pvp region with all flags just with 2 clicks - cpc.tool.*
/cpc tool lobby - The same but to lobby region - cpk.tool.*

/cpc reload - Reload de Skript - cpk.reload

/cpc diamond - DIAMOND CLASS - cpc.kit.diamond
/cpc rogue - ROGUE CLASS - cpc.kit.rogue
/cpc archer - ARCHER CLASS - cpc.kit.archer
/cpc bard - BARD CLASS - cpc.kit.bard

/cpc save <slot- Save the Class inventory and effects -
/cpc load <slot- Loadthe Class inventory and effects saved - cpc inventory.load
/cpc delete <slot - Delete the Class inventory and effects saved - cpc.delete.<slot

NOTE: <slot can be = slot1, slot2, slot3, slot4... and slot9

/cpk fullpot - Give full inventory of splash health potion II - cpk.fullpot

Spoiler: - for players
cpc.inventory.load - for players
cpc.inventory.delete - for players

cpc.kit.diamond - for players
cpc.kit.rogue - for players
cpc.kit.archer - for players
cpc.kit.bard - for players
cpc.fullpot - for players

cpc.admin - for admin - for admins
cpc.tool.* - for admins
cpc.update - for admins

cpc.scuad.* - for use all scuad commands. - for players
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