Mr. Fastfinger - Senseitional Treasure Tape (mp3 320kb/s)

Mr. Fastfinger - Senseitional Treasure Tape (mp3 320kb/s)

Spirit Rising -digital bonus album to celebrate the ten years of Mr. Fastfinger.  This "tape" is a special and very enjoyable collection of new, unreleased, rare, revisited "remixes", live and otherwise fun tunes. 12 tracks. Total 33 minutes.

Mika Tyyskä - Guitar and all sorts of instruments (All), Thomas Törnroos - Drums and percussion (All tunes), Lasse Rantanen - Bass and Spells (except 2.) , Kalle Katz - Keyboards (7,9. ), Kai Hahto - Double Kick Drums (4.), Sami Tupala - Musical Saw (5.), Mauro Gargano - Drums(9.) Juha Ruokangas -Timber Yell (5.)

1. UTOPIA (Spirit Rising -sessions / from the movie 2015)

2. RUNNING MONK (Stringweaver -sessions 2013)

3. JUST LIKE MR. MIAGI (Re-Wax) (From the movie 2015)

4. LOCRIAN BOOGIE (From the movie 2015)

5. ONCE THERE WAS A III (Revised work with musical saw and extra percussions from the tune Epic 2015)

6. GO FLASH TURBO (Guitarbots II + unreleased guitar solo 2013 )

7. BEARTH (Live 2012)
8. ICE RIVER (in Motion -sessions demo 2012)

9. THE SON OF THE LOST WORLD (Guitarbots II 2013)

10. CRYING IN THE CAVE (The Way of the Exploding Guitar -sessions 2009)
11. SWEET UTOPIA (alternative version of Utopia 2015)
12. BENEATH THE SILVER CLOUD (Spirit Rising tune without the main instruments 2015)

Thank you. Wax on. Enjoy!
Mr. Fastfinger - Senseitional Treasure Tape (mp3 320kb/s)
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