Database Systems Final Project solution

For this assignment to continue with the model you designed in homework 3, the GCS database. After refining and populating the database, you will create a series of web pages that implement reasonable business applications. Part 1: Continue to refine your database structure. Improve your names and types. Do this before you add much more data and before you build PHP applications. (Here is a sample structure.) Part 2: Fully populate your database with data from the description. Part 3: Build web pages in PHP implementing the four forms in the description, and well as four applications of your own. Your implementations do not need to be as nicely formatted as the ones from the text.
(table P5.10a) For each skill, list the names of the employees with that skill, using a GROUP_CONCAT.
(table P5.10b) Given a project id (from a form), list each task, and the skills required for that task.
(table P5.10c) Given a project id, list the assignments for each task.
(table P5.10d) List all the work log entries, with employee name, week, asignment number, hours, and bill number.
Four others of your own choice. Some suggestions (you need not choose these)
Given an employee id, list that employee's region and skills.
Given a bill id, calculate the amount of that bill and list any other pertinent information.
Given a project id, list all the skills (of employees) available in the same region as the customer owning the project.
Turn In: Send the URL of your project to both the GTF and instructor. Include a report (.pdf) with
Names of team member(s)
ER diagram of database
description of your applications
anything special you wish to point out
summary page
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