MLWAudio - EMD 16N 710G3B - Sound Enhancement Pack

What's Included:

An Audible and Visual (HUD based) Distance Counter that allows you to ensure your entire train is clear of a speed restriction.
Locomotive RPM Simulation that uses exact values taken from the prototype per specific situations such as throttle and reverser position.
Air Dryer simulation based upon Graham White's 975 series air dryers.
Wheelslip and Slip Power Limitation simulation that reduces tractive effort output and applies sand in order to regain traction.
Locomotive Isolation Switch that allows the user to select which units in a consist are in RUN or ISOLATE.
AESS system that stops your prime mover if conditions are met and idle time exceeds 10 minutes.
Specific Physics sets depending on prototype model.
Full engine temperature simulations that will affect the behaviour of the locomotive as it would under real conditions.
Exclusive free BNSF reskins for SD70Pack03 MAC that include standard Executive with cab numbers, Wedge logo patched executive, H2 MACs, and H3 MACe rebuilds.*

*Wedge Executive, H2, and H3 reskins all have static numbering due to decal limitations.

This pack replaces all SD70M/MAC physics and sounds for Train Simulator 2017 DLC including:
- SD70Pack03 (BNSF) SD70MACs, SD70MACes
- ShermanHill (Union Pacific): SD70Ms
- SD70MSPPack01 (Southern Pacific): SD70Ms
- SD70Pack04_CSX_BY (CSXT): SD70ACs

- High quality engine audio recorded at 96kHz.
- Separate inside and outside recordings ensuring you can feel the concert level  bass outside while retaining a quieter comfortable work environment within the cabin.
- Dynamic Nathan K5LA, K3LA and K3HA Airchime Horn variants depending upon the common horn applied to a specific group of engines.
- Dynamic EMD Steel Air Bells.
- Air Dryer simulation based upon Graham White's 975 series air dryers on the CSXT SD70AC.
- Almost completely new truck running sounds including high stress squeal and wheel slip sounds when outputting large amounts of tractive effort at low speed.
- Dynamic Brake grid blower sounds that vary with grid current that provide a direct feedback to train performance.
- Specific Physics sets depending on prototype model including differentials between SD70Ms, SD70MACs and SD70MACes.
- New Interior Sounds including various switches, throttle and reverser movement sounds, internal relays and contactors, synchronized air wiper sounds.
- Light Enhancement
- Custom Repaints + Road Specific Modifications
- Operating Manual


- Engine RPM that increases dependent on throttle, dynamic brake, and reverser positions.
- Locomotive specific scripting and physics.
- AESS Simulation.
- User Toggled Alerter.
- User Operated Distance Counter.
- Air Dryer Simulation per-prototype.
- Isolation Switch
- Full Temperature Simulation with Cooling System.

Please make sure to always keep your latest version up to date. Current Version: V1.0.1.0
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