The purpose of this
programming assignment is to help you gain experience using 1D Arrays.


Write a program that
simulates and scores a game of bowling. As background information, here is
an explanation of terminology and scoring.

For this assignment,
assume that a game of bowling can contain one or more frames (instead of the
standard ten).


  • Create a BlueJ project named Outlab5.

  • Create a class named Driver and
    copy this code into
    that class. Do not modify this class at all.

  • Supply the missing Bowling class such
    that when the main method of the Driver class is run, this output is
    produced. Note: match the output format exactly!

and Assumptions

  • Make sure that you understand the provided Driver class
    before designing a solution for the Bowling class.

  • You may assume that the constructor of the Bowling
    class is called with valid bowling scores and the correct number of frames
    in the game.

  • Design first. Translate into a programming language
    (Java) second.

  • When the final frame contains a strike or spare, the
    frame needs to be printed differently. Please study the output transcript
    above carefully to see how.

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