HS 245 Week 5 What Did You Learn?


 HS 245 Week 5 What Did You Learn?

As this is the last week of class, we have touched on many aspects of working with people and families of diverse backgrounds and discussed cultural aspects and considerations for human service workers.

Address the following in a minimum of 350 words.

1)  When considering the information and assignments completed over the course of this class, highlight 3 things that really stood out to you that impacted you or that you did not know before taking this course.  What was significant about what you learned?

2)  Describe how what you have learned will help you as a human service professional and how you intend to use information learned in working with people?

3)  What did you learn in the course that will help you work with those you might find challenging or have bias towards so that you can continue to be effective as a human service professional?

Submit in APA format.

Submit to assignment tab.
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