237 : Miss Evil Iris and her boyfriend Fiat Panda

Miss Iris, wearing a grey top, shorts and pink high heels, is going around the car mechanic.

Her boyfriend (you) is sleeping and he left the car open outside, so Miss Iris wants to hack his beloved car! She goes over the engine bay and she wants to make a surprise to you.

She removes the spark plug from the engine so it will be impossible to start up! After that she comes back in the car shop and she waits for you to wake up…

When you wake up she jokes about his car, the fact that is old and the fact that it will never start up!

She gets in the driver seat and continues joking around it… She really wants to tease you! She tries to start the car again and again, but it does’t seem to get it started…Why?

When she starts it up it makes a lot of weird noises…What can be the problem?

And the more she tries to start the car the more she jokes about how crappy this car is! After a lot of attempts the car stops cranking!

She can’t get it started again! As soon as she gets bored about this junk, she changes shoes with a pair of black heels and then she starts crushing the car while you try to start it! While she is over the engine bay you can see her stunning legs in front of you and you hope the car it will start up!

Will you make it?
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