SOC203 Week 2 assignment

The school system in the United States is a complex system with varying levels to gain knowledge. This knowledge can led to an avenue of different possibilities in the future for a given individual. The only problem with this is the fact that not every person in the United States is given the same opportunity to gain this knowledge. The system is designed to give an advantage to the white upper class people and communities. According to (Korgen & Furst, 2012), “a 2011 U.S. Department of Education Report revealed that more than 40% of low-income schools across the United States receive less state and local funding than schools in higher income areas with schools of the same grade levels.” So schools in minority or low income communities are not receiving the same funding as the upper class communities. This leads to children not receiving the same level of education, which put lower economic classes at a disadvantage. This disadvantage can effect areas outside of education. So knowing there is inequality in education, there should be a need to end that inequality. This is a social issue, so there is a need to examine a number of theoretical perspectives. These theories may give hints on how to cure a country of educational inequality. Focusing on these areas will help us provide a fair education to everyone.
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