ENV 100 Week 4 Impacts of an Energy Resource Plan(1)

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 ENV 100 Week 4 Impacts of an Energy Resource Plan(1)

Resources: Gamescape Episode 4 Results PDF and Ch. 15-18 of Visualizing Environmental Science.

Complete Episode 4: “Controlling Energy Systems” of Gamescape.

Address the questions below explaining the long-term energy sustainability plan that you developed in Episode 4 of Gamescape.

Answer the questions below in a 500- to 700-word document using your Gamescape Episode 4 Results PDF as a resource.

Inclued an APA cover page, two instances of cited material (one from the course text) and an APA reference page, relating to the citations.  




Describe the United States of America’s current energy situation in relation to our reliance on oil. Discuss some challenges that our nation faces with managing our energy resources.  Have these challenges affected you personally?  How?


Describe the sustainability plan you developed in Episode 4 of Gamescape. Identify a strength and a weakness in this plan. How can you address the weakness?


Present three specific methods by which you hope our nation will educate people on renewable resources and wisely managing our fossil fuel supply.


What are two alternative sources of renewable energy and describe the benefits of these sources.  What are the current issues preventing these sources from full acceptance?


What is one major roadblock that is preventing our country from fully transitioning to renewable energy?


Click the Assignment Files tab to submit this assignment AND your Gamescape Results PDF.


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