Federal Taxcalc

US taxpayers must file their tax of the 2014 personal taxable income by April 15, 2015. Income is progressively bracketed, and there are varying tax rates for the brackets. The tables of Figures 1 and 2 show the current tax rates and the brackets applicable for Single Filing and Married Filing Jointly.
Your program in this project shall compute the payable tax amount based upon only the yearly taxable income and the selected filing status. Other significant data to be used in an actual tax return form like exemptions, deductibles, donations, dependents etc. will be ignored in this simplified model.
The program solicits input data on the console and on input windows. The required data are the full name, the annual income and the filing status of a person. For the sake of simplicity the filing status of married tax payers filing separately and the “head of household” status will not be considered in this program.
The income is given in integer dollar values.
The output is printed to message dialog window. It must show the name, the income, the filing status symbol and the calculated tax amount rounded to the nearest cents. In addition to testing, you must run the program at least twice to demonstrate a case of a single filer, and another case for a married couple filing jointly.
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