Linde Truck K10  K13 Service Manual

Linde Truck K10 K13 Service Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Service Training (Workshop) Manual for Linde Truck Type 008.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:

Format: PDF, 381 Pages
Language: English


A Travel drive
Travel motor
- Travel motor, technical data
- Travel motor connections
Speed sensor
- Speed sensor connections
- Testing the speed sensor
Temperature sensor integrated in the carbon brush yoke
Removing the travel motor
Replacing the travel motor
Removing the gear
Changing the gear oil
Lubricating the bogie bearing
Replacing the drive wheel
Carbon brush monitor
Replacing the carbon brushes
Checking the brush springs
Travel motor maintenance
- General
- Cleaning
- Visual inspection, replacing damaged parts
- Checking the brush unit, replacing the carbon brushes
- Commutator
- Bearings
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