Saturday AM #80

Saturday AM #80

Saturday AM #80 is here!!!

Let's just get this out of the way 1st, shall we?

The HOTTEST DIVERSE SHONEN MANGA COMICS is not an easy tag to make - but we do especially when we have some of the best amateur manga creators on the planet who have successfully produced VOLUMES of manga material for years that do not shy away from REPRESENTATION.

We THANK our fans who have shown their support to us every issue and every year. 

We KNOW who and what we are because of YOU.

Besides, who else is rocking CLOCK STRIKER (shonen manga's 1st black female lead hero -- welcome Shuri comparisons), SOUL BEAT (one of shonen manga's coolest black male heroes), PARADISE DOWN (a wild, fun adventure with dazzling art) and TITAN KING (1980's style, giant monster, beatdowns)???

This issue also has an interview with the ULTRA-TALENTED K.LYNNE SMITH, creator of PLUME.

Finally, you can ENTER TO WIN AN iPAD PRO & MORE with March ART Madness 2018. But, let us tell you now...entering won't be easy as there are only 64 slots -- so get your work in early and FOLLOW the rules! You may thank us if you DON'T MAKE IT as the tournament itself is five rounds of BRUTAL REALITY CHECKS. Can you withstand the heat and become the ULTIMATE FAN ARTIST??

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