Advanced Jazz Harmony - Huw Warren

Advanced Jazz Harmony - Volume 2 in a series of Jazz publications for all instrumentalists, composers and arrangers. A creative and substantial approach to contemporary and conventional jazz harmony.

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Chapters include:
1 Introduction 
2 Melodic Minor Harmony and The Modes of the Melodic Minor 
3 Interchanging Chords and Voicings 
4 Secondary Dominants 
5 Turning a Tritone Sub into a ii-V 
6 More Triadic Upper Structures 
7 More Voicings 
8 Shell Shapes 
9 Turnarounds and more Substitutions 
10 Drop 2 and Drop 4 voicings 
11 Diminished Harmony 
12 Pedals and Suspensions 
13 Parallel Approaches 
14 More interchangeable ii-V’s 
15 Harmonic Minor and Harmonic Major Harmony 
16 Slash Chords 
17 Advanced Re-Harmonisation - The Sound of Surprise 
18 Exploring and Creating Non Conventional Sequences 

See also Exploring Jazz Harmony (vol 1)
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