Linde Electric Tractor Type 127: P250, W20 Operating Instructions (User Manual)

Original Illustrated Factory Operating Instructions (User Manual) for Linde Electric Tractor Type 127.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:

Format: PDF, 92 Pages
Language: English


    Approved applications 
    Technical note
    Tractor takeover 
    Type plates (P 250) 
    Type plates (W 20) 
    Technical data (P 250) 
    Technical data (W 20) 
    Technical description
    Operators compartment and controls 
    Drive and transmission
    Electrical system
    General view of tractor (P 250) 
    General view of tractor (W 20) 
    Operating controls and indicators 
    Driver's display
    Multi purpose display 
    Hour meter 
    Battery discharge indicator 
    Over temperature indicator 
    Brake fluid level indicator 
    Steering fluid level indicator 
    Parking brake warning 
    Warning indicator 
    Interlock warning indicator 
    Slow speed indicator
    Main beam indicator 
    Travel direction indicator 
    Over-speed alarm
    Turn signal repeaters
Before operation
    Safety rules 
    Safety information 
    Report of Thorough Examination 
    Noise emission levels
    Frequency characteristic for human body vibrations
    Running-in instructions
    Checks prior to initial operation of the tractor 
    Daily checks 
    Raising the battery cover (P 250) 
    Raising the motor cover (P 250) 
    Removing the battery cover (W 20) 
    Removing the motor cover (W 20) 
    Checking state of battery charge 
    Charging the battery 
    Connecting the battery to a charger 
    Opportunity charging 
    Check the battery condition, electrolyte
    level and specific gravity 
    Removing the battery 
    Removing the battery using a hand pallet truck (W 20) 
    Controls and their operation 
    Interlock switches
    Driver's seat adjustments
    Passenger's seat adjustments
    Steering wheel adjustment
    Top up the Diesel heater fuel tank 
    Check tyre inflation (if applicable) 
    Check automatic towing coupling 
    Starting up 
    Speed selection
    Travel in forward direction 
    Travel in reverse direction 
    Changing direction of travel 
    Starting on an incline 
    Before leaving the tractor 
    Regenerative brake
    Parking brake
    Engaging the parking brake 
    Releasing the parking brake 
    Emergency isolation
    Turning radius
    Road lights
    Hazard warning lights 
    Brake lights
    Reversing light
    Direction indicators
    Operating the horn 
    Windscreen wipe/wash
    Remote inching button operation 
    Rear wash/wipe
    Remote inching
    Heated seat
    Fog lamp
    Working lamps
    Diesel Heater
    Turning the Diesel heater on 
    Turning the Diesel heater off 
    Interior light 
    Battery voltage fuse boxes 
    Battery voltage fuses 
    Lighting fuses
    Trailer towing guidelines
    Towing capacity example (P 250) 
    Coupling and uncoupling a trailer (multi-position coupling)
    Coupling and uncoupling a trailer (automatic coupling)
    Coupling and uncoupling a trailer (remote coupling with traction interlock) 
    Towing a trailer . 
    Loading the platform . 
    Towing procedure. 
    Slinging the tractor . 
    Jacking positions. 
    Driver code entry . 
    Logging on. 
    Logging off . 
    Accessing supervisor menus. 
    Changing the supervisor pin . 
    Disable/enable the tractor. 
    Adding/deleting operator pin numbers. 
    List operator pin numbers . 
    Set/reset learner operation. 
    Data Logger. 
    Removing the platform sides . 
    Lowering the platform sides . 
    Securing the PVC canopy . 
    Maintenance and safety guidelines . 
    General information. 
    Handling lubricants . 
    Lubrication intervals. 
    Avoiding accidents . 
    Safety guidelines . 
    Measures before taking the tractor out of
    Putting the truck back into operation . 
    Inspection and maintenance schedule . 
    Inspection and maintenance as required
    Clean the tractor . 
    Tighten the wheel fixings . 
    Check condition and pressure of the tyres . 
    Renew the steering fluid hoses . 
    Check front wheel alignment . 
    Adjust the handbrake . 
    Operate the Diesel heater . 
1000 Hour inspection and maintenance Check and lubricate the automatic tow coupling . 
    Check and adjust the handbrake . 
    Lubricate the top and bottom steering swivel bearings. 
    Lubricate the steering linkage bearings . 
    Check the front brake pads for wear . 
    Check and lubricate all door and cover
    latches and hinges. 
    Check the condition and security of motor and battery connectors and cables . 
    Check the steering fluid level . 
    Check the steering fluid hoses for damage . 
    Drain and refill the drive axle . 
    Check the suspension dampers for damage. 
2000 Hour inspection and maintenance
    Check the brake fluid level . 
    Clean the traction controller cooling fans and air ducts . 
    Check the Diesel heater fuel filter . 
5000 Hour inspection and maintenance
    Renew the steering fluid and filter . 
    Check the brake pipes for damage and corrosion. 
    Renew the steering fluid tank breather . 
    Renew the Diesel heater fuel filter . 
    Replace the accelerator return spring . 
10000 Hour inspection and maintenance
    Change the brake fluid . 
    Inspection and maintenance data . 
    Recommended lubricants. 
    Circuit diagram (with inching) . 
    Circuit diagram (without inching) . 
    Circuit diagram (lighting). 
    Circuit diagram (electric heater) . 
    Circuit diagram (Diesel heater)
    Hydraulic and brake system schematic 
    Index .
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