PRG 420 Week 2 Learning Team: Quality Control Sheet

PRG 420 Week 2 Learning Team: Quality Control Sheet

Resource: Excel Scoring instrument (as sample starting reference document). Important: This is ONLY a draft sample to put together your own Learning Team Peer-Review/QC form.

Create a Peer-Review/quality control (QC) Form using the scoring instrument as your stating point. The Peer-Review/QC Form developed by the team will be used later in this course to evaluate team members’ programs. As a team, share your ideas with each other and create one common Peer-Review/QC Form that your team will use. Your final Peer-Review/QC Form should be compiled in Microsoft® Excel and MUST include the following:




Areas to enter the evaluator’s name, the name of the program being evaluated, and the date the program is received


A set of detailed criteria for reviews, comments, and improvement.


Areas for detailed evaluation comments, suggestions, ideas, recommendations, etc.


Do not use the scoring points portion of the sample provided, normally in peer reviews team members are not graded, ranked, or scored.


Add to the Peer-Review/QC Forms other elements of coding and programming best practices as the Team see appropriate.


Design your Peer-Review/WC Form in such a way that ALL team member can review and provide comments on ALL member of the Team. All team members must review all other team members.


Submit your Learning Team’s final Peer-Review/QC Form to your instructor. Only ONE Peer-Review/QC Form must be submitted per Learning Team.

Submit your team’s final QC sheet using the Assignment Files tab.
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