Paula's Pixie Long to Short Haircut - VOD Digital Video on Demand Download

Paula would like a short haircut, shorter than she's ever had before. After taking a seat in the barber chair, the stylist wraps a neck strip around her neck and covers her with a green vinyl cape. Her hair is combed out and sectioned, while discussing cutting her long hair into a short style. The stylist cuts most of the length off with a scissors, as Paula watches every move. Now instead of past-the-shoulders hair, it's a bob...and it's going to become shorter still. Once the back and sides are cropped shorter, the stylist lets Paula's hair down, giving her an interesting look - almost like an under shave, with long hair on top, and underneath being so much shorter. The bangs and the rest of the hair are cut with a razor to give it a more natural appearance. Now the two most important areas, in Kat's opinion, are the ears and nape. Because, without those areas being trimmed up, the haircut just isn't a finished, neatly groomed haircut. The stylist uses a mini clippers around Paula's ears and nape. A brushing with a duster removes the fallen hairs from Paula's nape and shoulders. Maybe the duster should have been used on Paula's bare feet - that hair does get everywhere! Duration 28 minutes, screen size: 720x48, format .wmv
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