HRM 310 Week 2 Change Management Memo

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HRM 310 Week 2 Change Management Memo

organizations are
available, you can use one of the Virtual Organizations to complete this

Write a 700- to 1,050-word
memo from a midlevel manager to his or her supervisory team in response to a
change that is about to take place within the organization such as a move to a
new location, added technology, streamlining of the workforce with more
responsibilities shared, and so forth. Address the following:

  • Discuss the
    type of change involved.

  • Compare
    change models that the organization could use for this situation.

  • Make a
    recommendation for a change model and explain why this change model is
    best for this situation.

Format your paper consistent with APA
guidelines. At least two references and a references page are required.

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the Turnitin Report separately. 

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