German in Practice

This is an audio course for learning by listening, which in an easy way teaches the basic vocabulary needed for a journey abroad. The course includes 20 lessons which introduce and consolidate the most important words and expressions used in typical situations and there is an additional part which includes the teaching of numbers, time expressions, telling the time, words describing people's characteristics, the family and other subjects.
The course is designed for people beginning to learn German and for those wishing to remind themselves of the basics of the vocabulary needed for a journey abroad.

The course is available in the mp3 version. A Reading Booklet to be used with the audio lessons is included in PDF format.

Duration: 1 hours 14 minutes

Each lesson contains:
exercises repeating new words and phrases, together with a translation;
repetition of example sentences and questions in various situations.

1. Useful expressions
2. Hello and goodbye
3. Personal information
4. Family
5. Looking for a job
6. Railway information
7. Buying tickets
8. Registering in a hotel
9. Renting rooms and accommodation
10. Ordering food
11. Drinks and desserts
12. Asking the way
13. Getting around a town
14. Shopping for food
15. At the post office
16. In a bank
17. At the doctor's
18. Problems and unexpected events
19. Passport control
20. Customs control
21. Useful words. Numbers. Days of the week. Months. Seasons. Countries and nationalities. Members of your family. Professions. Time expressions. Telling the time. The weather. Parts of the body. Features of character.
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