Mitsubishi Electric Forklift Truck FB13TCA, FB15TCA, FB18TCA, FB20TCA Workshop Service Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Service Manual for Mitsubishi Electric Forklift Truck.

Original factory manuals for Mitsubishi Lift Trucks contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate, maintenance and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable, without restrictions, contains Searchable Text and bookmarks

Covered models:
    FB13TCA (215AF0001-up)
    FB15TCA (216AF0001-up)
    FB18TCA (216AF0001-up)
    FB20TCA (288AD0001-up)

Language: English
Format: ZIP, Contained Set of PDF Manuals:
1. Chassis and Mast Service Manual, PDF, 189 Pages
        1. Precautions for safe inspection and maintenance work
        2. Safety labels
        3. Model name and serial numbers
        4. Cautions for maintenance
        5. Tightening torque for bolts
        6. Maintenance tools and inspection devices
        7. Data of LOCTITE and THREEBOND products
    1. GENERAL
        1-1. Appearance
        1-2. Specifications
        2-1. Disassembly and reassembly
        2-1-1. Front axle - removal
        2-1-2. Disassembly transfer ASS'Y
        2-1-3. Reassembly the transfer ASS'Y
        3-1. Disassembly and reassembly
        3-1-1. Rear axle - removal and installation
        3-1-2. Rear axle - disassembly and reassembly
        3-2. Inspection and adjustment
        3-2-1. Angle sensor comp. - adjustment
        3-2-2. EPS torque sensor - adjustment
        3-3. Troubleshooting
        3-3-1. Rear axle - troubleshooting
    4. TYRE
        4-1. Front tyre
        4-1-1. Front tyre - disassembly and reassembly
        4-1-2. Tyre size (front)
        4-2. Rear tyre
        4-2-1. Rear tyre - disassembly and reassembly
        4-2-2. Tyre size (rear)
        4-3. Inspection and adjustment
        4-3-1. Bolt nut - inspection
        4-3-2. Air pressure - inspection
        4-3-3. Tyre - visual inspection and replacement
        4-4. Troubleshooting
        4-4-1. Tyre - troubleshooting
        5-1. Disassembly and reassembly
        5-1-1. Steering linkage- disassembly and reassembly
        5-2. Inspection and adjustment
        5-2-1. Joint - inspection and replacement
        5-2-2. Knob - inspection and replacement
        5-2-3. Steering wheel - inspection and replacement
        5-2-4. Chain comp., roller - adjustment
    6. BRAKE
        6-1. Foot brake
        6-1-1. Foot brake - disassembly and reassembly
        6-2. Parking brake
        6-2-1. Parking brake - disassembly and reassembly
        6-3. Inspection and adjustment
        6-3-1. Brake pedal - adjustment
        6-3-2. Brake pedal - inspection
        6-3-3. Microswitch of parking brake lever - adjustment
        6-3-4. Parking lever - inspection and adjustment
        6-3-5. Master cylinder ASS'Y- inspection and replacement
        6-3-6. Master cylinder air bleeding
        6-4. Troubleshooting
        6-4-1. Brake - troubleshooting
        7-1. Oil piping circuit
        7a-1. Disassembly and reassembly
        7a-1-1. Valve linkage - disassembly and reassembly
        7a-1-2. Control valve
        7a-2. Inspection and adjustment
        7a-2-1. Relief pressure - adjustment
        7a-2-2. Microswitch - adjustment
        7a-3. Trouble shooting
        7a-3-1. Control valve - troubleshooting
        7b-1. Disassembly and reassembly
        7b-1-1. Oil tank - disassembly and reassembly
        7b-1-2. Oil piping replacement - precautions
        7b-2. Inspection and adjustment
        7b-2-1. Oil - inspection
        7b-2-2. Recommended oil and quantity for hydraulic circuit (except brake and gear oil)
        7b-2-3. Oil tank and filters - cleaning and check
        7b-3. Troubleshooting
        7b-3-1. Oil tank - troubleshooting
        7c-1. Removal and installation
        7c-1-1. Hydraulic pump -removal and installation
    7d. CYLINDER
        7d-1. Disassembly and reassembly
        7d-1-1. Lift cylinder - removal : 2SP - mast (2 - stage simplex)
        7d-1-2. Lift cylinder - removal : 2FP-mast (2-stage duplex), 3FP-mast (3-stage triplex
        7d-1-3. Tilt cylinder - removal
        7d-1-4. Lift cylinder - installation and adjustment
        7d-1-5. Tilt cylinder - installation
        7d-1-6. Lift cylinder - disassembly and reassembly
        7d-1-7. Tilt cylinder - disassembly and reassembly
        7d-2. Inspection and adjustment
        7d-2-1. Cylinder comp. - inspection
        7d-2-2. Piston rod - inspection
        7d-2-3. Drift for lift and tilt - inspection
        7d-3. Variation of the tilt cylinder
        7d-3-1. Tilt angle by masts
        7d-4. Troubleshooting
        7d-4-1. Cylinder - troubleshooting
    8. MAST
        8-1. Disassembly and reassembly
        8-1-1. Lift bracket ASS'Y- removal
        8-1-2. Mast ASS'Y - removal
        8-1-3. Mast - disassembly and reassembly
        8-2. Inspection and adjustment
        8-2-1. Mast, lift bracket and roller shaft - inspection
        8-2-2. Back shoe - inspection
        8-2-3. Lift chain - inspection and replacement
        8-2-4. Chain bolt - inspection
        8-2-5. Chain wheel - inspection
        8-2-6. Roller - inspection and replacement
        8-2-7. Fork - inspection and replacement
        8-2-8. Lift chain - inspection and adjustment
        8-2-9. Mast lean- adjustment
        8-3. Troubleshooting
        8-3-1. Mast Lift bracket Fork - troubleshooting
    9. MOTOR
        9-1. Disassembly and reassembly
        9-1-1. Traction motor - removal and installation
        9-1-2. Hydraulic motor - removal and installation
        9-1-3. EPS motor - removal and installation
        9-1-4. Traction motor - disassembly and reassembly
        9-1-5. Hydraulic motor - disassembly and reassembly
        9-1-6. EPS motor - disassembly and reassembly
        9-2. Inspection and adjustment
        9-2-1. Rotor comp. (Traction/hydraulic motor) - inspection and replacement
        9-2-2. Armature comp. (EPS motor) - inspection and replacement
        9-2-3. Brush, brush holder and spring (EPS motor) - inspection and replacement
        9-2-4. Motor ASS'Y (Traction/Hydraulic motor) - inspection
        9-2-5. Motor ASS'Y (EPS motor) - inspection
        9-2-6. Oil seal and permanent magnet (EPS motor) inspection and replacement
        9-2-7. Motor - specification
        9-3. Troubleshooting
        9-3-1. Motor - troubleshooting
        10-1. Location and name
        10a. CONTROL UNIT
        10a-1. Location and name
        10a-2. Disassembly and reassembly
        10a-2-1. Control unit - removal and installation
        10a-2-2. EPS controller - removal and installation
        10a-2-3. Control unit - disassembly and reassembly
        10a-3. Check and replacement
        10a-3-1. Main connector - inspection and replacement
        10a-3-2. Module, FET - inspection and replacement
        10a-3-3. Capacitor - check and replacement
        10b-1. Disassembly and reassembly
        10b-1-1. Accelerator linkage - removal and installation
        10b-2. Inspection and adjustment
        10b-2-1. Potentiometer - adjustment
        10b-2-2. Accelerator linkage - adjustment
        10c-1. Disassembly and reassembly
        10c-1-1. Display panel - disassembly and reassembly
        10c-1-2. Directional switch - disassembly and reassembly
    10d. BATTERY
        10d-1. Removal and installation
        10d-1-1. Battery - removal and installation
        10d-2. Inspection and adjustment
        10d-2-1. Battery - inspection and adjustment
        10d-2-2. Battery - Cleaning
    10e. CHARGER (BUILT - IN)
        10e-1. Disassembly and reassembly
        10e-1-1. Charger ASS'Y - disassembly and reassembly
        10e-1-2. Transformer - disassembly and reassembly
        10e-1-3. Built-in charger - specification
        10e-2. Inspection and replacement
        10e-2-1. Magnetic contactor - inspection
        10e-2-2. Plug comp. and receptacle - inspection and replacement
        10e-2-3. Fuse and fuse base - inspection
        10e-2-4. Transformer - inspection
        10e-2-5. Diode - inspection
        10e-3. Inspection After Assembly
        10e-3-1. Timer - inspection
        10e-4. Charging procedure
        10e-4-1. Automatic charge (Daily charge)
        10e-4-2. Balancing charge
        10e-4-3. Inspection after charging
        10e-5. Voltage tap
        10e-5-1. Power supply voltage - check
        10e-5-2. Voltage tap - selection
        10e-5-3. Voltage tap - changing
        10e-5-4. Fuse (three-phase voltage) - replacement
        11-1. Adjustment
        11-1-1. Fork level - adjustment
        11-1-2. Laser optical axis - adjustment
        12-1. Standard work hours
2. Controller Service manual, PDF, 108 Pages
        1. Adjustment of SICOS-AC
        2. Troubleshooting
        3. Wiring (Diagrams)
        4. Reference
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