PHONE VIDEO - Swedish blonde in red


Louise is our amazing swedish model with long beautiful light blonde hair.
She is very young and has super silky hair which she is really proud of, and it is not hard to see that her fingers slide very easily through her locks of pure silk from heaven.
Her hair looks very beautiful and it fits her perfectly, and many girls and women are dreaming of having such hair as hers.

This is actually her 10th video with us, and she loves being our model.
This is a phone video, which means that it is vertical, and therefore, though the video is 19 minutes, it only costs $9!

She is wearing red, which fits perfectly together with her light blonde hair color.
She is sitting in a chair in this video, and you will see a lot of different types of hair play, such as running her fingers through her hair, swinging and swaying it from side to side, brushing it, ponytails, hair twisting, buns and bundrops, a braided bun + bundrop, braid and undoing of the braid, pigtails, hair parting and much more!

The different types of hair play/show is done from two angles; From behind and in front for your best viewing experience.

This video is over 11 minutes in length.
Publication date: 2. April 2018

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