The Most Advanced Punishment GUI

This Punishment GUI Skript, offers features that no other GUI Skript has, it is an easy to understand menu, with features to control your players in every aspect.

- Unique ID's For Every Punishment
- Kick, Warn, Ban, Mute
- See Punishment History In The Menu Itself
- 3 Categories (Chat, Gameplay And Client Offenses) With 3 Severities Each
- Punishment Length Depends On The Severity And Amount Of Past Punishments Of That Severity
- Tempban Menu If You Dont Want To Use The Severities
- Clear Punishment History
- Freeze Players
- Quickly and easily teleport in vanish to players
- And Much More!

- /Punish <Player <Reason (The Main Command)
- /UnPunish <Player (Opens The Unpunish Menu, Same As The "More Options" Button In The Main Menu)
- /Report <Player <Reasons (Sends a report message to any staff members online)

Main Punishment Menu
Spoiler: Main Punishment Menu Items

More Options Menu
Spoiler: More Options Menu Items

Tempban Menu
Spoiler: Tempban Menu Items
- Punish.Use (Access To The Main Menu)
- Punish.Sev1Mute (Severity 1 Mute Access)
- Punish.Sev2Mute (Severity 2 Mute Access)
- Punish.Sev3Mute (Severity 3 Mute Access)
- Punish.Sev1General (Severity 1 Gameplay Access)
- Punish.Sev2General (Severity 2 Gameplay Access)
- Punish.Sev3General (Severity 3 Gameplay Access)
- Punish.Sev1Client (Severity 1 Client Access)
- Punish.Sev2Client (Severity 2 Client Access)
- Punish.Sev3Client (Severity 3 Client Access)
- Punish.Warn (Warn Access)
- Punish.UnPunish (Access To The Unpunish/More Options Menu)
- Punish.ClearPunishments (Clear Players Punishment History)
- Punish.Tempban (Tempban Access)
- Punish.PermBan (Perm Ban Access)
- Punish.Report (Access To Send Reports)
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