BSHS 385 Week 3 Listening Strategies Presentation

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BSHS 385 Week 3 Listening Strategies

Resource: Mental
Health Facilitator Module 4 “Communicating Effectively.”

Complete the
University of Phoenix Material:Listening Strategies Presentation.

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Listening Strategies Presentation


the following scenario and complete Parts 1 and 2:


You are an adoption case worker.
Your client is a 16-year-old teenager
who is pregnant. The client comes to
your agency to begin the adoption process. You meet with her in a therapeutic
setting. You must listen to her story to develop a plan of care for her and her
unborn child. The
client’s initials are J.K.


Part 1


Read the Mental Health Facilitator Module 4 “Communicating
Effectively” located on the student

Imagine how the interview
between the adoption case worker and the client will progress. Be creative. Create the questions and responses as they
are likely to occur based on the scenario.

Include the following elements in your


Active-listening and effective-listening

The behaviors you should use with this client

The behaviors you should avoid with this client

to develop rapport and trust with the client


Create a transcript of the questions
asked and the client’s responses.


Part 2


an 8- to 12-slide Microsoft®
PowerPoint® presentation, with
detailed speaker notes, discussing the listening strategies used in the interview and how
you modified communication to meet the client’s needs. As
part of the presentation, reflect on the scenario and include details of the
transcript created in Part 1.


Include the following in your


The questions asked

The responses to
the questions

The active-listening and effective-listening strategies you used during this
interview process

of social bonds created during the
interview process

Ways you developed rapport and trust with the client


Provide the facilitator and other
Learning Teams with a copy of the transcript created in Part 1.
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