ECO 550 Week 5 Midterm Quiz 2, SOLVED

ECO 550 Week 5 Midterm Quiz 2, SOLVED

1). The different methods by which the sellers inform their potential buyers about the product is called:

2). Jane regularly sends funds to organizations seeking to save endangered animal species. This is an example of:

3). Carla had received very low annual return from her investment portfolio comprising of stocks of five companies for two years. Her decision to continue holding the same portfolio of assets will be an example of:

4). In the example of Ireland described in the text, the country’s production set shifted outward over time because:

5). Suppose Zia spends her time picking berries and apples. Her production set is described by the equation , where is the number of berries and y the number of apples. Which of the following statements will be true?

6). When the slope of a country’s production set declines, it implies:

7). Bankers supported the Federal Reserve Board’s Regulation Q because:

8). Suppose the adoption of a new software reduces the marginal cost of publishing books. For a given demand curve for books, this will be represented by:

9). Starting from a pure exchange equilibrium, an increase in the demand for a commodity will result in:

10). Let the marginal product of capital (MPK ) be 6; the marginal product of labor (MPL) be 2; the price of labor is given by $10. What will be the price of capital such that the isocost and the isoquant are tangent to each other?

11). Which of the following is a property of an isoquant?

12). Refer to Figure 4-1. If the firm produces 2,000 dolls per month when the market price is $4: Figure 4-1 The following figure shows the marginal cost curve (MC) for a firm producing fancy dolls for children. The market price for a doll is $4 per unit.

13). Refer to Figure 5-1. Which of the following points represents the long-run equilibrium price-output combination? In the figure given below MC denotes the marginal cost and AC denotes the average cost of a firm under perfect competition. Figure 5-1

14). Which of the following conditions define the short-run for any industry?

15). Suppose beer producers in Munich became aware of the low price of one barrel of beer in the domestic market relative to that in the United States. What will be the impact of this price difference?

16). Refer to Figure 6-2. What would be the consumer surplus if this remained a perfectly competitive market? A group of firms in competitive market produced 20 units of a good when the market price was $2. They incurred no marginal cost. Eventually they realized the benefits they could get by teaming up and acting as a monopolist. The following figure shows the demand curve and marginal revenue curve for this profit maximizing monopolist. Figure 6-2

17). Refer to Figure 6-4. Calculate the profit earned by the monopolist when the marginal cost of production is $15 per unit. The following figure depicts the demand, marginal revenue (MR), and marginal cost (MC) for a monopolist. Figure 6-4

18). Which of the following is a possible explanation for the fall in prices after an industry is monopolized by combining a group of competitors?

19). Refer to Figure 4-2. Identify the supply curve of the firm. Figure 4-2 The following figure shows the cost curves of a firm producing good X.

20). High barriers to entry protect the market power of existing firms and discourage the formation of firms which:

21). The principle of backward induction proves that in price-fixing oligopoly games:

22). Refer to Figure 7-1. What will be the dominant firm’s profit maximizing output? The figure given below represents the total output and price produced in an oligopoly market characterized by a dominant firm and a fringe. SF represents the supply curve of the fringe, D is the market demand curve, DRES represents the residual demand curve of the dominant firm, MRRES represents the residual marginal revenue curve of the dominant firm, and MCD represents the marginal cost of the dominant firm.

23). In a mixed strategy situation, like the “heads or tails” game, the players can maximize their income by randomly choosing head or tail each with a probability of:

24). Refer to Table 7-3. What will be the Nash equilibrium if there is no interaction between the two students? The following matrix represents the payoffs to two students who have been caught cheating in a class. Table 7-3

25). Which of the following games will have a solution in mixed strategies?
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