My Story - Frank Henderson

Come and go on a musical and cathartic journey with Frank Henderson as he makes his return to the music industry after over 15 years of silence. The last time Frank tried his hand at the music industry he fared very well by winning awards, being nominated for awards and traveling the nation with his musical suitcase stacked with fresh, urban and mind-bending sounds. On this trip, Frank is adamant about being transparent about where he's been, what he's been through and ensuring that his music leads listeners into  healthy ways of embracing their own life's journey and winning. Frank has whole-heartedly declared, "This one is PURELY for the people" and he's shown it by throwing out all of the limiting rules and hoops that most artists feel compelled to jump and go through. Originally from Rocky Mount, North Carolina, Frank grew up in a single-parent household and struggled greatly. Growing up in "Weeks-Armstrong" projects and surviving it is miraculous in and of itself. Make sure you listen to his story and find yourself in it. Truth comes at a premium and Frank is willing to pay that price for the people. Download this incredible album today. Thanks in advance!!!!!!

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