MGT 311 Week 3 Organizational Issue Presentation

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MGT 311 Week 3 Organizational Issue Presentation
Individual Assignment: Organizational Topic Issues in Management

  • Each student will be responsible to summarize, analyze, and present the case problem to the class via PowerPoint. The PowerPoint presentation should have the following information:


    • Describe the legal and organizational issues related to the case. (3 Points)

    • Explain how the relationship between legal issues and responsible management practices relates to your topic. (3 Points)

    • What legal aspects did management face during this dilemma? What legalities governed or should have governed the decision? (3 Points)

    • Student's Conclusion(Overall Point of View of the Case) (3 Points)

  • The presentation should be no more than 15 minutes (Minimum 10). (3 Points)

  • Wal-Mart, Disney, and Starbucks cannot be used as a topic of presentation.

  • No open discussion allowed during the presentation.

  • No video clips are allowed.

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