Flatland's Headshave by Kat - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Flatland likes her hair design, but she prefers the freedom of being bald. When Flatland first has a seat in Kat's barber chair, Kat puts a neck strip around her neck and then covers her with two vinyl capes. Using a barber's shaving mug, Kat dispenses hot lather into it, before taking up the shaving brush and brushing the lather all around Flatland's head. Kat uses a straight-edge razor to remove the sunburst and yin symbol and to shave the sides of Flatland's head smooth. Afterwards, Flatland is receives a new neck strip and is re-caped with a cape from the 1970s. An Oster 76 clippers brings down the hair on top to 3mm. The Oster 76 Lite with a #000000 brings the hair down even further. Kat, donning on a pair of latex gloves, covers Flatland's head in thick hot lather. After a hot towel is draped on the head to help soften the remaining stubble, the straight-edge shaves away the rest of the hair. Shaving lotion is rubbed into Flatland's freshly shaven scalp. Flatland is excited about her new bald look. Who could blame her? She looks amazing! Duration: approx 64 minutes, screen size: 720 x 480, format: .wmv
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