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EDU 300 BSED Program Orientation

Watch the “Bachelor of Science in Education Program Orientation” tutorial.

Read the following requirements and expectations of the Teacher Education Program located in the Teacher Education Handbook:




College of Education Conceptual Framework


Professional Expectations


Program Outcomes


Identify at least two items that must be completed before beginning student teaching.

Explain your strategy to complete these items on time.





EDU 300 Discussion Question on Conceptual Framework


Conceptual Framework

Tell us what you think about the importance of the Conceptual Framework?

How can you prepare to be the ONE professional educator that “impacts student learning?”

Did you have ONE educator that impacted YOUR life?





EDU 300 College of Education Resources Overview


Watch the “College of Education Resources Overview” tutorial.




EDU 300 Discussion Question on COE Resources


COE Resources

How will the use of tecnology in your EDU Program prepare you to use technology in your future classroom?

Is it possibel to teach all children in K-12 with some form of technology?





EDU 300 Field Experience Orientation

Watch the “Field Experience Orientation” tutorial.

Explore the following information under Field Experience in “Teacher Education Handbook” tile in the College of Education Resources:




Guidelines for Classroom Observation


Field Experience Evaluation – Observation


Field Experience Evaluation – Instruction






EDU 300 Discussion Question on Field Experience


Field Experience

How will you budget your time throughout the Teacher Education Program to complete the 100 required field experience hours prior to student teaching?  In other words, what plan do you have to complete these hours over a minimum of an academic year?


What activities qualify as field experiences?





EDU 300 Discussion Question on Student Teaching

It is important to plan ahead for your student teaching experience.  Depending on your state, you will be required to student teach for 12-16 weeks.  This can be a financial, emotional, physical challenge for you.

Think how you will begin to plan for your student teaching experience and how you can avoid delaying your student teaching.

What questions or concerns do you have about student teaching?
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