C4 BEACH TONES (5 presets)

Since my last preset pack, I have started college, moved cities, did more photoshoots, and met some great people. Since I now live in San Diego, I've been working hard on my preset editing and color correction in Adobe Lightroom. It is now time that I release a few preset packs for different situations.

This preset pack is mainly for beach tones during the day before Golden hour comes into effect. This preset pack is strictly for Lightroom only.

The presets in this pack are:

C4 SANDY CHEEKS 1: This preset gives off a slight fade with adjustments of sky blues, sand, and skin tones. It has a "warm" feel to it that gives off a happy feeling. Feel free to play with the adjustments on this one!

C4 SANDY CHEEKS 2: This preset has a noticable fade to it however the sky blues and skin tones look great. It also has warm feel to it.

C4 SANDY CHEEKS 3: This preset has more of a cold feel to it with noticable contrasts. Feel free to play with the white balance tab and exposure tab on this one to achieve your feel for it.

C4 SANDY CHEEKS 4: This preset has some inspiration from Sam Dameshek's beach photos. It has some warmth to it that still keeps the skin tones. Feel free to play with the saturation tab if you'd like

C4 SANDY CHEEKS 5: This preset has some warmth to it and is more natural than the rest. It has a slight fade however this preset gives a lot of leeway for personal adjustments
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