Submission Question 4 (SOLVED)

Scenario: Map the sales order process that exists between an organization and its customer. The sales

department receives a purchase order from the customer. The sales department converts the purchase order

into a sales order. The sales order is then distributed to the dispatch team. The dispatch team checks to see if

all the materials on the sales order are available (in-stock). If the materials are not in stock the dispatch team

needs to purchase the items. The procurement (purchase) of goods is mapped as a separate sub-process (you

do not need to do the process model for the sub-process however you need to indicate that one exists). Once

the materials are retrieved from the supplier they are classified as being in stock. If the materials are in stock

the dispatch team picks and packs the goods and distributes them to the customer along with an invoice.

When the finance department receives payment the sales order process is complete.

a) Map the above scenario using BPMN

b) Map the above scenario using EPC
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