Have Your Revenge

Have you ever been wronged? Do you feel the person(s) who has caused you sadness or pain deliberately, was set to spite you? This 10:00 MINUTE carefully chosen recording uses over 210 programming-affirmations to become one with Karma and the positive energies of the universe to work for you and have persons experience the same pain that they caused you.

INSTRUCTIONS OF USAGE: Sit back, relax your mind, focus and listen to the audio at a normal volume. Headphones preferably. Twice in the morning and twice before bed is recommended. *This sample recording will only work on those who had knowingly/deliberately done you wrong.*

*This sample recording will not work on those who had innocently done you wrong.*

NOTES: - Remember to focus on the person(s) who had deliberately done you wrong in a particular situation. In other words, look at each situation specifically, whilst listening to recording rather than looking at everyone who has ever done you wrong - Do not falsely accuse person(s) of wrongdoing in thought. If so, this recording will not work - You do not need to know the name of the person(s) just visualize the person(s) who had deliberately wronged you; your subconscious know's who really has caused you pain.

***Recordings should NOT be listened to whilst driving, operating machinery or at any time the listener needs to remain focused.***
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