Midi Generator

The Midi Generator device monitors a signal or other stream of data and creates midi notes based on a set threshold being crossed. If you'd like to use the level of an audio signal as the source, or map it to any of the parameters, you can use the Envelope Follower device that comes with Live Suite as part of the Max for Live Essentials pack (https://www.ableton.com/en/packs/max-live-essentials/).

Mouse over any of the wires coming from the inputs at the top of the device and a popup will appear describing the data passing through it. Click on the wire to hold the popup in place. Now you can change controls in the popup itself. It may be deceiving, but you can map to the parameters in any of these popups. Click on the wire again to release the popup.

I am working to develop a sophisticated, modular sort of side-chaining system throughout the devices I make. Click on any of the circular inputs at the top of the device and a menu will appear, populated with the names of all the available output connections in this system throughout the Live set. Select one and the connection will be made simply and easily, mapping that output to the parameter represented by this input (the one found in the popup below it.) Of course, you can map to any of these parameters in the ordinary manual way as well.

Generative Stream

This is the subject data stream that will flow through both the Note On-Gate and the Note Off-Gate. It can also be moved manually with your mouse.

Note-On Gate

Set the threshold which will trigger the creation of a midi note.


Set the pitch of created midi notes.


Set the velocity of created midi notes.


Set the channel of created midi notes.

Note-Off Gate

Set the floor which the stream must fall back below to trigger the end of a midi note.

This is a Max for Live device. It requires Ableton Live 9.1 Suite or newer and at least a trial of Max/MSP 6.1 or newer, which can be downloaded from http://cycling74.com/downloads/. Older versions of Live and/or Max may work just as well, but there are no guarantees.

I'm always glad to hear feedback on my work! Please send any questions, issues or feature requests to [email protected] And if you make something cool with one of my devices I'd really like to hear it! If you want I can do what I can to send some traffic to it, especially if it's on soundcloud. Mine's https://soundcloud.com/to_the_sun.
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