A bunch of numbers from 1 to 52 are presented to a spectator. Some are written in red, some are in black. From now on, the performer will not look or touch anything. A spectator thinks secretly of one of the numbers, and has to lie when she names the color of the number among a few other ones. There is absolutely no force. Then she shuffles a deck of cards (that can be borrowed or even imaginary!), and deals the cards face up, just saying if they are red or black. When she reaches her card, she has to lie. The performer immediately stops her at this card, even though he did not look or touch anything. Or all the cards are dealt, and the performer reveals the thought number. Another example is provided: Imagine students passing an exam. The numbers can represent the final classification. The ones in PINK are for girls, and the ones in BLUE are for boys. You will be able to guess the thought rank, and/or the exact moment when the spectator lies. It uses a very powerful and ancient principle. It can be used to divine the state and the position of anything (an object, a person, a date, etc.), even if it is lost among other ones. It can be used as a lie detector as well. A one time preparation is needed (five minutes) but then, it is for life. Carry this in your wallet and you are ready to improvise on any topic. Have the spectator write down her thought number on one of your business cards and sign it. (This is not mandatory but is a nice way to give your card.)
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