CSS 422 Week 5 Learning Team: System Modeling

CSS 422 Week 5 Learning Team: System Modeling


 CSS 422 Week 5 Learning Team: System Modeling

As a team, finalize the Architectural Design Document (ADD) by creating system modeling diagrams.




In the ADD, label this section “System Modeling.” Refer to the list of stakeholders you prepared earlier. Prepare a matrix that indicates the stakeholders you identified and the types of diagrams you would prepare for them. Indicate the diagram type, and use the 4+1 View Model or another framework for the classification of your diagrams.


Create at the following architectural diagrams in 1 to 2 pages for your CRM system: 




Architectural pattern (pipes and filters, layers, SOA, etc.)


Logical modeling (you may choose an object diagram, class diagram, etc.)


Dynamic modeling (you may show a data flow diagram, activity diagram, sequence diagram, etc.)


Physical view — Cloud, P2P, Client Server, etc. diagram of the system


Data model — ERD or XML template for a portion of data represented within the system




Integrate the changes from instructor feedback on your previously submitted assignments.

Submit, using the Assignment Files tab, the entire ADD document as a single submission (all diagrams should be integrated into the content of the document). Your final document should include the diagrams.

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