Strange Boutique - Charm - Full Album

Strange Boutique was Monica's post punk band, featuring Fred "Freak" Smith on guitar, Steve Willett on bass and Rand Blackwell on drums. "Charm" was released in 1993 on Bedazzled Records.
  1. Ears to the Ground 
  2. Happy Birthday, Wanda June
  3. Hills Like White Elephants
  4. Unsettling
  5. Alekan Girl
  6. Solar Friend
  7. In A Heaven
  8. Glaciers Down -Keep Them Still
  9. A Ballad for Morgaine 
  10. Charm

Strange Boutique's sound is crafted from a fusion of influences from shoegaze, gothic rock and ethereal music. It is difficult to compare them to another band as their sound is very unique. Musically they sometimes bring to mind early Curve with a similar "shimmering wall of sound" style. However, Monica's powerful and unique vocal style and heartfelt and poetic lyrics really help to make the band unique.
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