Instagram Explosion - Gain 200k Followers And Make 6 Figures On Instagram!

Want to rapidly grow your Instagram to 200k+ followers?

Looking for a free or low-cost customer acquisition? Instagram is your solution.

Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are great for some people and businesses.

But for many others, paid advertising is very cost prohibitive. If you're a startup, you can't really afford to lose $1000 on ads that didn't convert.

On the other hand, Instagram accounts generally grow very organically.

When I first started, I spent $300 on a few paid shoutouts.

And I NEVER spent a dime after that.

Despite my lack of advertising spend, Instagram has easily been my #1 customer acquisition channel. Hands down.

That's because Instagram has built in viral mechanisms (like shoutouts) that help pages grow organically very fast. Add these viral mechanisms to the massive engagement that Instagram accounts get and you have a recipe for quick growth.

This is how we quickly scaled our business to a 6-figure revenue in only one year.

How did I use Instagram to generate a 6-figure revenue?

A lot of people don't believe they can make profit with Instagram. Here are questions or concerns I hear all the time.

"There's only 1 thing you can link to (your bio link). How in the world can you get traffic with just that 1 link?"

"There's no way to TRACK my sales. I can't invest time and money into something I can't track."

"Just because you have followers doesn't mean anything. Instagram followers don't buy anything."

Wrong on all 3 counts.

Not only did I generate tons of traffic, but that traffic converted at a much higher rate than my other traffic sources.

Here are some traffic numbers from my Google Analytics within a SINGLE month. (10% of the traffic came from Instagram)

Traffic from Instagram converted to mailing list subscribers 120% better than my other traffic, and it also converted to paid customers 250% better than my other traffic.

One of the key strategies I will teach you is how to get Instagram followers from Instagram to your website, despite having only 1 link to use. This little nugget is the key formula to getting a 6-figure revenue off of Instagram.

Let's make your Instagram account grow EXPONENTIALLY.

When I first started out on Instagram, I literally didn't do anything. I mean I posted a picture maybe once a week. Maybe once every 2 weeks.

As you can probably imagine, that didn't help us grow very fast. At the beginning it was linear growth.

But even with me barely trying to work on Instagram, I noticed that my follower count was steadily increasing.

That's when I got curious and tried a little bit harder. I must have spent hours learning about the platform, trying multiple strategies, and perfecting my approach to Instagram.

And that's when I saw exponential VIRAL growth.

If you start out without a plan, you'll spend months without getting impactful growth. But with a concrete plan, you'll be able to experience massive growth in a shorter amount of time.

So let me show you what I learned from 100's of hours of trial and error on Instagram.

In Instagram Explosion, you'll learn the most effective strategies that I used to build my brand to 200k followers.

You've tried social media through Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

You've tried buying ads.

You've gotten on Instagram, but you have no idea how to get followers & build your brand.

I'll teach you everything I learned going from 0 to 200k followers on Instagram. I'll show you what worked, what didn't work, and how you can effectively grow your account.

Instagram Explosion the PREMIUM Course

Let's get down to what exactly you'll learn with this video course.

How to setup your Instagram page for VIRAL growth: Before we start growing a page, we have to learn how to make our page look as nice as possible, and fixing LEAKS that are hindering your growth.

Early Tactics: Get through the beginner's GRIND. These are the early tactics that will help you grow your Instagram brand from 0-200k.

200k+ Beyond: I'll show you ADVANCED strategies used by accounts that have 150k-1m followers.

Converting followers to REVENUE: Once you've amassed a following, it's time to use tools & analytics to leverage that following into customers.

I'll teach you how.
Essential tools for Instagram. You'll need these to track your growth and make it easier to grow your brand's Instagram account.

Learn the exact strategies I used to grow my brand's Instagram account.

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