BSHS 385 Week 4 Skillful Interviewing

BSHS 385 Week 4 Skillful Interviewing

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 BSHS 385 Week 4 Skillful Interviewing

Complete “Skillful Interviewing.”

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Skillful Interviewing


Complete Part I and Part II.


Part I

Read each scenario below.


Respond to each scenario with one open, closed, and probing question you should ask your client to further the dialog.










































You are a school counselor working at a local high school in your community. A 16-year-old high school student named Amber visits your office. Amber appears disheveled and states she is interested in gaining information about dropping out of school. She fears her grades will not allow her to progress to the 11th grade and wants to discuss her options.
You are an early intervention specialist contracted through your local health department. Your evaluation appointment for the day is with a family and their 2-year-old son. The family is coming in to have an evaluation for early intervention services due to concerns about his communication and attention. As the parents approach the evaluation room, the mother states she hopes her drinking was not the cause of this issue.
You are a child advocate employed by the local family court. After months of waiting, the Johnson family (foster family) is scheduled for their final court hearing for the adoption of their foster son and daughter. The family arrived to the courthouse and informed you privately that the husband was most recently laid off from his job after 15 years. The family is now concerned about the impact of his employment status on the court proceedings.


Part II



Create a scenario in an interview setting based on your previous professional or personal experience. Respond to the scenario by using the various components of skillful interviewing techniques. Write a minimum 150-word response.


























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