HIS324 week3-1


Yes, I believe that the “color line” is still a problem in the 21st century.  It may not be an actual line, however, I know in my area there is somewhat a “color line” you have the nicer house in the more rural area which is predominantly a Caucasian neighborhood.  And once you cross the railroad tracks you are in the urban area where the population is majority Black and Hispanic.  De facto plays a role in the schools today because many of the poorer races live in the inner city and go to the inner city schools.  Whereas the Caucasian students live in suburban or rural areas that have better school systems, because they have a higher school tax rate that the community can afford, so they have a better school system.  “Minorities who could not afford to leave the city were left in tax-starved urban districts with older, underresourced schools” (Gaither, 2011).  Which is still true to this day
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