CIS 290 Week 5 Worksheets (Appendices I & J)

CIS 290 Week 5 Worksheets (Appendices I & J)
As a computer technician, you must be familiar with a wide range of Input/Output (I/O) devices including; keyboards, mice, monitors, biometric devices, projectors, cameras, and video or graphics cards. Before you can attach any of these to a computer system, you must first research which I/O devices and expansion cards are best suited for your computer's configuration.

Compare three input devices and three output devices. Criteria to address includes, but is not limited to:

· Expansion card type

· Specific system requirements

· Challenges with configuration

· Firmware updates

· Connection type

Display this information in one of the following ways:

· Option 1: An infographic.

· Option 2: A 5- to 7-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes.

· Option 3: A detailed chart.
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