K's Analog Four Soundpack vol. 3 - Harsh Industrial


Thank you for purchasing K's Analog Four Soundpack vol.3 - Harsh Industrial! This soundpack contains 127 sounds that I've carefully crafted in the Analog Four. These sounds were meant to be as heavy and noisy and bassy as possible. I really tried to "piss off the Analog Four" as much as possible. Theres some more bread and butter old school rave and techno leads to be found as well.

I wish you lot's of fun and inspiration with these sounds!

-Koen Bakker

How to load the sounds

Included is a .syx file that carries all the sounds for your Analog Four +drive.
I can only explain how to do load these using Elektron's C6 application, but sending the syx file with another application should also be possible. These are the settings I use for C6 and work for me and my Analog Four.

1)Get the Elektron C6 app.
2)Connect your Analog Four with USB, turn it on, open C6 and drag and drop the .syx file in the main blank area .
3)To get the settings I use in C6, click configure and make sure Elektron Analog Four is selected at MIDI in. Elektron Analog Four should also be selected at MIDI out. Reload files is unchecked, delay (ms) 0, turbo limit none, sample settings tickboxes are unchecked. SDS devNo is set to 0 Rec format SDS.
4)Click OK if you have made any changes or cancel if it's already correct.
5)On the Analog Four click Function+global - sysex dump - sysex receive, select +drive sound, then select the bank where you want to save the soundpack and click yessave. Note A bank with (256) next to it, is empty, since a bank can contain 256 sounds and the analog four is telling you how many free slots are left in the bank. The analog four now indicates waiting data...
6)In C6, click on the file and then click Send.
7) Analog Four shold display received sound (119)
8) Keep clicking noreload to exit the sysex dump menu on the A4 until you're in the main screen.
9) Thats it, your sound are now loaded and ready to rock! Click function + sound and select sound manager or double tap a track button to browse the sounds. Bank A is stored under trigger A, bank B under trigger B and so on. So navigate to the bank where you stored the sound pack to check it out.In C6, click exit.

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