Assignment 3

1. Write a procedure for Heap-Sort
2. Write the upward and downward build-heap algorithms for an arbi-
trary array of integers.
3. Write code for heapify, which assumes that the two subtrees rooted
at the children of a node are heaps, and extends the heap property to
include the node of reference.
4. Write a procedure to extract the minimum element from a min heap
and restore the heap property among the remaining elements.
5. Write a routine to add an extra element into an existing heap. This
should increase the heapsize by 1 and then incorporate the new ele-
6. Write a routine for restoring the heap property when the key value at
a node is altered.
7. Write code for finding the parent and child indices for a k-ary heap.
8. Write a program to build a treap from a given set of ordered pair
9. Write a program to buils an alternating heap of n elements.
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