12D Primordial Consciousness MP3

12D Primordial Consciousness MP3

15 Minute Audio Subliminal MP3

A Just Listen Reprogram With InAudible Spoken Commands

Purifies Restore Re-activates Re-aligns The Original Tree Of Life 12 Star Gates (Chakras) Dimensional Blueprint- Unified Field Of Primordial Consciousness Inside And Outside Of Time And Earths Space All Galaxies Worm And Black Holes And Portals.

In Time And Space The Unified Field Of Consciousness Has Become Distorted Therefore The The Soul Blueprint Becomes Limited To The Point Of Limited Communication With True Source Via The Original Guardians Of Earth

To Be A Free Soul Is To Live Outside Of Time And Space Free From The Wheel Of Life Death Reincarnation And Karma Here And Now

Thriving Instead Of Striving And Just Getting By, Begging The Gods Of The Parasite Realms With Needless Contracts

Pure Wisdom And Knowledge Secrets Of Nature And Evolution  Direct Experience Instead Of Intellectualized Book Knowledge

Produced With Alpha Brain Entrainment

For Best Results Listen 1-3 Times Daily For 21-49 Days
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