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HS 245 Week 1 Family Mapping

Create a map of your family using Microsoft® PowerPoint®. This is NOT a family tree, as your family map will include elements of living which are important to you and your family; however, you will use the components of a family tree to complete the assignment. Begin with a hand-drawn ancestral chart. Visit ancestry.com and use the free resources to assist you in drawing your own ancestral chart and family map.

Include in the presentation the following:




Draft a copy of your family tree which goes back 2 to 4 generations, if possible.


Choose two people in your family who have taught you something of importance, perhaps a behavior, a method, or a how to do something.


What life lessons have you learned through these people?


What are some of the unwritten boundaries that exist in your family?


Did one person establish the rules in your family, if so, who?


Can relationships with people who aren’t related to you that compares to your relationships with family members?


How do you handle conflict with people from the past?


Extract your hand-written ancestral chart to submit with your assignment, this may require making it into a PDF to attach.

Create an 8- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation which addresses the above information.

Format your responses and presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit to the Assignments Files Tab.





HS 245 Week 1 Supporting Activity: Reading and Discussion

Respond to the following questions in at least 350 words:




What are the dynamics present in your family?


What do you believe is the “thread” that holds your family together?


What are cultural influences that exist within your family?


How does your family bond with one another?


How does your family handle conflict?


Submit to the Assignments Files Tab.




HS 245 Week 1 Plagiarism Tutorial Summary

As it is emphasized in your student handbook and classes the importance of  the academic integrity policy to insure original work and writing papers in proper APA format, you are required to watch the plagiarsim tutorial under the required learning activities for Week 1.  Keep in mind this is one of many tools available to you to help you with writing academic papers.  Be sure to use these wonderful tools in the student library to assist you with proper APA, etc…

Directions: Watch the plagiarism tutorial under the Week 1 learning activities in its entirety then address the following in a minimum of 350 words:




 What is plagiarism and briefly summarize the tutorial?


 What is self-plagiarism?


Based on what you learned from the tutorial, how can you insure that you submit original work and what is required in APA formatting when words, ideas or concepts are not your own?






HS 245 Week 2 Supporting Activity: Reading and Discussion

Respond to the following questions in at least 350 words.

Within the landscape of family there are specific roles. In most families, there is someone whoidentifies as the caretaker, the giver, the bank and the peacekeeper. After watching the videos in Week 2, determine what roles you were able to see in the video you selected.

Consider in your own life, what role you play in your family. Remember, this week is about the modern family, family can be beyond people who share the same DNA. You can expound on extended relationships as well.

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HS 245 Week 3 Your State, Your Services

Use the Internet and locate your states (prefered) or any other states department of children and families. This may be called something different in each state, so don’t worry if the name isn’t exact. You may see department of social services, at the federal it is department of health and human services.

Once you locate the organization at the state level write a 1,050- to 1,400-word synopsis addressing the following:




Record the web address


What is the mission of the agency?


What types of services are available for families?


Are there youth facilities for children who have been in trouble?


Can one apply for benefits on-line?


Is there a number for Adult and Child Abuse and Neglect?


Does the agency have a “social media” presence? Meaning are their YouTube videos, recorded public service announcements, training for families?


Provide descriptors of the SNAP, Employment First, Refugee Resettlement and Energy Assistance programs.


Submit to the Assignments Files tab.





HS 245 Week 3 Supporting Activity: Reading and Discussion

Consider that the holidays bring out differences and conflict in people. Holidays can be frustrating and a painful time for many in families. Whenever families get together, someone can bring up something unpleasant and things from the past or criticism takes front row.

Conflict can be healthy also, depending on how it is mitigated. But family conflict can be the most difficult of all, and can drag on for a lifetime.

Based on what you learned about managing conflict from the chapters and reserve readings respond to the following questions in a minimum of 350 words clearly identifying the questions and the answers.

1)  Summarize what your chapters and relevant reserve readings identify as ways to manage conflict in families. Be sure to identify specific strategies from the chapters/articles and discuss these.

2)  Given the holiday scenario, what can be done to keep this from happening using some of these strategies and what can you do as a person to keep situations from getting heated?

3) How can you repair relationships that have faltered?

Submit to the Assignments Files Tab.






HS 245 Week 4 Understanding Domestic Violence

Watch  the two TED talks about Domestic Violence.  The presentations include access to the transcripts.  Please click on the links under student materials to the right.

After watching both TED talks, respond to the following questions in a minimum of 350 words. I am looking to see that the responses are thoughtful and reflect having watched the videos. Be sure to clearly identify the questions you are answering in your response.




1)  Substantively Summarize each TED talk as to what each was about and highlight some key points mentioned from each presenter in your summary of each. (2 points)




2)  What is domestic violence and how does it impact families? (1 point)




3)  What are some ways in which human service workers can help families and work with those experiencing domestic violence based on what you learned from these videos? (1 point)


Submit to the Assignments Files tab.




HS 245 Week 4 Health Assessment- Depression

Navigate to the Depression Assessment by doing the following:




Click the Library tab.


Click University Library.


Click Multimedia.


Click the Health and Wellness Resource Center.


Click Health Assessment.


Click Depression Risk Assessment.


Complete the Depression Assessment.

Respond to the following questions in at least 350 words.




How can depression contribute to duress in your life?


What can be done to mitigate depression in your life?


Do you believe depression is an obstacle one can overcome?


Do you know anyone, or have you yourself been depressed?


Do you know the resources available in your community to assist?


Submit to the Assignments Files tab.





HS 245 Week 4 Family Crisis and How to Help

Navigate to the editorial from your student website by performing the following:




Click the Library tab.


Click University Library.


Click the Multimedia Library Resource.


Click Issues and Controversies.


Click Resources.


Click Issues by subject.


Click Families and Youth.


Click Housing and Homelessness.


Click Resolved: The U.S. federal government should substantially increase social services for persons living in poverty in the United States.


Read the entire article Supporters Argue and Opponents Argue.


Create 10- to 12-slides using PowerPoint®.

Touch upon the following points:




What does the article list as the number of poor in America?


Can Social Services and aid for poor families be the solution for the nation’s problem?


What is meant by the term, “social safety net”?


2007 is the year considered to “deepen America’s recession”, what types of issues contributed to America’s recession.


Review the U.S Poverty Threshold for families, what does this mean?


Lyndon Johnson had a central goal of his “Great Society”, he made many references to it in his speech. Here is an excerpt from the speech, “The Great Society is a place where every child can find knowledge to enrich his mind and to enlarge his talents…. It is a place where the city of man serves not only the needs of the body and the demands of commerce but the desire for beauty and the hunger for community.” What are your thoughts on Lyndon Johnson and having a great society?


Submit to the Assignments Files tab.





HS 245 Week 5 You Can Improve Your Life and Opportunity is Real!

Resource: University Library ProQuest Social Sciences

Imagine you have an opportunity placed in front of you but it is risky. You want to make better decisions and truly live your best life now. What would that look like? Do you believe the old adage, “opportunity knocks once” or, “opportunity isn’t just going to fall in your lap”.

Read the articles located in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.




7 Ways to Better your Life Starting Today


Better Life News: How to be a more powerful person


How to Make Your Life Easier


How to Make Every Minute Work Better for You


Your Life Isn’t An Accident: A Tip in How to Find Your Path


How to make sure Facebook does not ruin your life


How to Deal When Your Life Explodes


Reinvention: How to make the rest of your life the best of your life


Decide to live your ideal life


Decide which article to take a deeper dive into the content.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400- word essay detailing the findings of the abstracts, and the articles. What is the overarching theme of each article? How can you make positive changes in your life and the lives of other people? Can your work as a human service professional influence others? What can you do when your life seems to fall apart?

Submit to the Assignments Files tab.






HS 245 Week 5 What Did You Learn?

As this is the last week of class, we have touched on many aspects of working with people and families of diverse backgrounds and discussed cultural aspects and considerations for human service workers.

Address the following in a minimum of 350 words.

1)  When considering the information and assignments completed over the course of this class, highlight 3 things that really stood out to you that impacted you or that you did not know before taking this course.  What was significant about what you learned?

2)  Describe how what you have learned will help you as a human service professional and how you intend to use information learned in working with people?

3)  What did you learn in the course that will help you work with those you might find challenging or have bias towards so that you can continue to be effective as a human service professional?

Submit in APA format.

Submit to assignment tab.
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