DT Module 3, within the context of your local business….DOCX

DT Module 3, within the context of your local business…

Question: Within the context of your local business, organization or place of employment, identify a decision support tool that could be effectively used.

Be sure that you provide a rationale for the decision support tool of your choice. Also, be sure that you thoroughly support your response with authoritative sources retrieved from the Saudi Electronic University library. Your Discussion Board response should demonstrate careful development of thought and critical thinking skills as appropriate to graduate-level academics, and should be well supported in accordance with SEU's APA writing standards.

Provide me 1 page solution, supported with 3 APA style references, not more than 5 years old. If you have provided solution to other student on same subject recently, kindly ensure you provide me different solution, to avoid loss of marks. Use own words, avoid copy / paste. Please strictly follow APA style guidelines, link as under:

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