This pack includes 10 LUTs with a wide range of moody looks for your more darker and serious film projects.
Even though the looks were designed with the Panasonic LUMIX Series and CinelikeD picture profile in mind, they work with every other camera, too. Just make sure to always adjust them a little bit to fit perfectly.

_ Basic - neutral cinematic look
_ Faded 1 - neutral colors and decent fade
_ Faded 2 - cold look with heavy fade
_ Heat 1 - earthy saturated tones and extended dynamic range
_ Heat 2 - faded green tint
_ Monochrome 1 - low contrast faded b/w
_ Monochrome 2 - high contrast b/w
_ Vibrant 1 - warm saturation and purple tint
_ Vibrant 2 - bright summer colors and lighting
_ Vibrant 3 - changed green colors and aqua to a warm tropical summer look

Although I put a lot of work into making these LUTs, I cannot be 100% sure they work with all footage - so if you have any problem please let me know and I will be glad to help you fix it!
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