Clean, minimalist looking free 2d outro template for After Effects CS6 or above.

After Effects it's totally optional in this template case, I provided a pre-rendered version for who is not interested in making any changes (colours, animations, etc).

I also provided a .txt file for you to download the fonts used if needed.

If you plan on editing the template I made sure would be as easy as possible, I included a layer that controls all the colours of each layer present. It renders very quick, the project is 20 seconds long. Perfect match for the new End Screen Feature on YouTube.

This way you don't have to add absolutely anything inside After Effects, no logo, no video, nothing. Just import it into your video editing software and on YouTube, you add the logo and the videos you need.


To avoid any issues that may occur, use a computer and not a mobile device to download this project.

Thank you for choosing my designs, please consider donating. Would be very much appreciated and helpful. Thank you!

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