Classic Shooter Source Files

Blender and Substacne Painter files (with fbx and textures) for all the models, animations and textures used in the Classic Shooter pack for UE4.
  The source files allow easy adjustments to models, animations and textures.Source Files overview:
- Characters Head, Character Arms.
- Hammer, Pistol, Shotgun, Double Shotgun, Minigun, Plasmagun, Bazooka.
- Armor, Helmet with IK set up.
- Fire Demon and Shotgun Shooter with simple IK setup in Blender.
- Large and Small Medkits, Potion, Vial, Invulnerability Sphere.
- Switch, Button Switch, Teleport.
- Iron, Silver and Golden Keys
  Over 100 animations, over 50 models, over 200 textures.
Link to the ver1.5 content is included: Homing Missle Demon, Fire Cannons Shooter, Zombie, Melee Monster, Green Fire Demon, Rocket Boss, Gibs, Skulls decor, Explosive barrels
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