HCS 335 Week 5 Emerging Ethical Issues Presentation

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HCS 335 Week 5 Emerging Ethical Issues


Your team has been
assigned to give a presentation to your organization's board of ethics. The
team will discuss a current emerging ethical issue that faces your organization
and its social responsibility toward the issue.

Prepare a 10- to 12-slide
Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that discusses the emerging ethical issue.
Include the following:

  • Describe an
    emerging ethical issue, such as in vitro fertilization, surrogate
    motherhood, sterilization, abortion, genetic counseling, euthanasia, or
    medical marijuana.

  • How has the
    issue impacted society and the health care industry?

  • What is the
    team's position on this issue--do you support it? Oppose it? Explain why.

Include at least three sources
in your presentation.

Format your presentation
according to APA guidelines.

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