Launchstep is a free customization of the original patch LaunchpadStepSeq_1.1.amxd by NOVATION. It conserves the original functionalities and adds new features :

• General design has been updated (size, colors, menu items).
• Floating window allows you to quickly monitor the sequencer state. It reproduces the current page of 8 steps being played, the number of steps, the current loop, the selected mode.
• Loop start / end position numboxes are available for MIDI mapping. Braces switch to yellow to help visualization when values reach the begining / end of 8 steps.
• A "Follow Page" mode has been added. When selected, it allows your Launchpad to follow the current page of 8 steps being played. Leds will be updated at each page's changement.

Please refer to the original patch for more details.
This device has been made with the first Launchpad and hasn't been tested with recent version of this hardware. 

Compatibility :
Live 9+
Max 7+

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